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The Camera Vault Case:

Case Holds:

  • Optic65 or Optic25 Camera
  • 4 Soloshot3 Tags
  • Soloshot3 Tool
  • Armband
  • Wasteband
  • And More!


  •  Meets Or Exceeds: MIL-STD810F 512.4
  •  Ext. Dimensions: 14.9″L x  12.1″W x 6.9″H
  •  Int. Dimensions: 13.5″L x 9.9″W x 6.0″H
  • Water Proof w auto pressure purge
  • Weight With Foam:  5.38 Pounds
  • Weight W/O Foam: 4.73 Pounds

The Soloshot3 Camera:


with Optic65 Camera

Best for capturing action further than 600 feet away and recording super high quality 4K video.

Key Features:

up to 65x optical zoom

High quality 4k video

12MP photos

Live Streaming

*For outdoor tracking only

Camera & Case Total:



You Save$51.98

Key Features

Wear. Track. Capture.

SOLOSHOT3 automatically tracks the subject(s) wearing the Tag, keeps them in frame and captures the action for {up to} 4-hours.

Live stream or tune-in.

Bring your family and friends into the action! Live stream via the SOLOSHOT App, share the footage, and create a following!

HD Everything

Record in {up to} 4K30 with 65x optical zoom capturing the action from {up to} 2000 feet away. You’ll never miss a moment.

In The Box:

1. Tag
2. Armband
2. Base
3. OpticX Camera (Optic65 shown)
5. Mini USB Charging Cord
6. Tripod Adapter Screw
7. Tripod Tool